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Whether you’re moving a workstation or a warehouse, branch office or corporate headquarters, an ATM or the entire bank, Philpot Relocation officeSystems understands the importance of continuity in the operation of your business. Regardless of company size, or complexity of circumstances surrounding an office or industrial move, Philpot Relocation Systems' commercial moving professionals can assist you with detailed planning needed for a business move. We will work with you to develop the best strategy for each phase of the corporate moving process, sharing our project manager’s expertise with your team. We can even handle your modular furniture assembly/disassembly needs. Our commercial moving crews are available 365 days a year!

With full service locations in Anaheim, CA, Atlanta, GA, Tucker,GA, Chicago, IL, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Houston, TX, Indianapolis, IN, Phoenix, AZ, Sarasota, FL, and Tampa, FL, the Office & Industrial division of Philpot Relocation Systems has grown into one of the largest and most experienced commercial movers in the nation. Philpot Relocation Systems' growth in this competitive market is attributed to the dedication of the men and women who serve our customers, and the sincere belief that quality is achieved by exceeding our customer's expectations. Our office movers are extensively trained and utilize their skills on a daily basis. Regular quality control meetings are held to ensure that we are constantly striving to pursue safer, more efficient methods to relocate businesses. We understand that relocation is change. Although we are one of the largest commercial moving companies, we are flexible and quick to respond when our customers require contingencies. Our sensitivity to customer needs, and our dedication to service, has allowed us the privilege of developing dynamic partnerships with our commercial customers.

Expertise achieved through years of experience as a business mover, investment in the most modern office moving tools and equipment available, professional personnel and dedication to customer satisfaction have made Philpot Relocation Systems a leader in office & industrial relocation.

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