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Planning a Move with a Moving Company

moving companyIf you’re considering hiring a residential moving company to help with your relocation, coordinating the project with the movers can be a simple procedure if handled in an orderly fashion and planned as early as possible before the date of the move. If you are working with a large interstate moving company, such as Philpot Relocation Systems, then most of the chores involved in the move can be handled for you by the experts. However, there are still a few steps in the planning process that you will need to consider to ensure that the entire move goes as smoothly as possible.

Schedule a moving date – While our moving company has a large staff and a vast fleet of moving vans, it is still wise to schedule the move as early as you can. Certain periods throughout the year, such as summer time, are very busy for a moving company, so once you have an idea as to when you’ll want to move, we’ll need to know so we can arrange a date.

Describe the setting for the move – Need our moving company to haul your belongings up and down stairs? Have a particularly small parking area? House sits a quarter mile into your property and is accessible by only a one-way dirt road shaded by low-hanging tree branches? We’ll need to know these details ahead of time so we can send the right type of equipment to the moving job and avoid delays.

Hire a babysitter – Moving day can be a difficult time for little children. They may be scared by all the activity going on in the home, and they could easily get hurt by the large items being moved around the house or all the feet marching in and out of rooms. If you have small children, make sure you hire a trusted baby sitter to take care of them away from the home while our moving company is loading and packing your items and delivering them to your new home.

Make accommodations for plants and animals – Like small children, animals can be stressed by the moving day activities in your home, and could also end up accidentally injured (or run out of an open door) on moving day. Be sure to hire a sitter you trust to watch over your pets. As for plants, consult your local gardening center on how to prepare certain species for the move. Also, our moving company may not be able to transport your plants in our trucks if the destination is more than 150 miles away or it will take more than 24 hours for our moving company to get there (according to the Household Goods Carriers’ Bureau Tariff). So, be sure to make other accommodations for your plants if you plan on taking them with you.

For more helpful tips on planning for the big move with our home moving company, contact us and speak to one of our courteous and highly knowledgeable moving experts. We’ll gladly answer any moving questions you have. We’re a residential mover that's proud to serve residents in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Kennesaw, Dunwoody, and all surrounding communities.

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